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  • Made to Order
  • The face coverings are made from 2 layers of cotton fabric with stretchy ties so no sore ears from elastic! The ties go across the top and bottom of the face covering which also means they help to ensure a good fit. There is also access to the inside of the two layers so a filter could be used if required. The face coverings can be washed in with your normal load of washing.
    Face coverings are available in adults and children’s sizing, the pattern designer and the hundreds of others making them give the following sizing guide:
    Child medium – Age 2-6 (children under 2 should not wear face coverings)
    Child large – Age 7+
    Adults small – teens
    Adult medium – teen/ladies
    Adult large – men’s
    There are many different fabrics available and all ties are in black.
    *disclaimer these face coverings are NOT medical grade* The purpose of these face coverings is to mitigate the risk of accidental and incidental contact with your mouth/nose.
    Children should only wear face coverings under the supervision of adults. *

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A. White with Ivy, B. Blue Peacock Feathers, C. Beige/tan Crazy about Hearts/Stars, D. Dark Green/Grey Floral, E. Pink and Yellow Floral, F. Pink and Purple Pansy, G. Pink Floral, H. Green spot on Cream, I. Sunflower Stripe, J. Black with Bright Floral, K. Musical, L. Pink Butterfly Words, M. Footballs Black and White, N. Lilac Floral and Butterflies, O. Red Paisley, P. Black Cars and Robots, Q. White with Bright Floral, R. Large Pirates, S. Small Pirates, T. Pink spots on Cream, U. Blue Spots on Cream, V. Cats, W. Dogs, X. Rainbow Stars, Y. Hedgehogs on Black, Z. Turtles, AA. Turquoise Cars, AB. Pirates at Sea, AC. Footballs on Blue, AD. Helicopters, AE. Floral Butterflies on Black, AF. Pirates Life on Cream, AG. London Soldiers, AH. Yellow Flowers on Pale Lemon, AI. Blue Flowers on Cream, AJ. Lilac/Blue/Green/Lemon Motif, AK. Horses, AL. Hedgehogs on cream, AM. Snails on Dark Grey, AN. Tree with birds on Turquoise, AO. Black with White Stars, AP. Blue/Green Stripe, AQ. Blue/Green Heart, AR. Pastel Stripe, AS. Turquoise Spot, AT. Pink with White Flowers, AU. Animals on Lemon, AV. Ice Creams on Pink, AW. Birds on Cream, AX. London, AY. Turquoise Mermaid Scales, AZ. Petrol Blue Spots, BA. Purple Butterflies, BB. Black with Gold Spots, BC. Leopard Print, BD. Dinosaurs on Black


Adult Large (Mens), Adult Medium (Ladies), Adult Small (Teens), Youth Large (7+), Youth Medium (Age 3-6)


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